Start the courtship, build a relationship, give the customers exactly what they want right out of the gate, and set them free; using our build-my-price module allows the customer to control their destiny; this creates a level of confidence and transparency between the salesperson and buyer and allows the courtship to begin.

Do not take the salesman out of the deal; the salesman is necessary. With the advancement of technology, many of the additional items offered as an upgrade on a vehicle today the consumer may or may not understand and needs to have a well-trained voice of reason and/or explanation (i.e.) the salesman.

The build sheet clearly shows the salesperson what items matter most to that particular shopper by separating base MSRP from Customer add-on equipment, doing this allows the salesperson to quickly focus on key points for that particular buyer.

Select Model / Trim / Add-ons

I get more and more stories of customers sitting with the salesperson, building their vehicle step by step the way they want it; all this takes place sitting at the salesman’s desk; now, all you have to do is go and get it. The courtship is complete; now, build the relationship.

I mean, how much more transparent could it possibly be? This build-my-price module solves so much of the smoke and mirrors that customers fear; for decades, shoppers have agonized over having to buy a car; those days have ended. Putting control in the consumer’s hands shows transparency, creating the trust that turns shoppers into buyers.

Customer built their own

The customer is no longer in fear of being taken advantage of; they simply choose their model, choose their trim and add accessories as they see fit based on their wants and needs. Everything in front of them is as clear and concise as it could possibly be, they literally have sold themselves their own car.

Easy as 1,2,3 and now you have a great lead

A few simple clicks and wallah the customer’s order is complete, now your dealership has the information needed for the sales team to go to work.

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In real-time I’m screen recording actual processed delivered leads for the Ford/Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep/Ram Dealership in Atlanta Georgia.

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